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Our Mission

Workflow management for small businesses such as CPAs, EAs, Bookkeepers, Tax preparers and more is critical for organized success. Our mission is to provide easy to use software for managing the backend of your firm while providing transparency and awareness for you and your customers.

With TRAXIT you can count on always being aware of what is actually happening with our easy to use, intuitive dashboard along with workflow overviews of all engagements and who is currently assigned to them.

TRAXIT, built by individuals who have experience in the industry understand that finding a tool that will meet the needs of your firm can be difficult and we hope that our solution will resolve this issue.



Giving a visual representation of the data you have flowing through your firm or business is great for quick decision making and a high level overview of what is happening

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The backbone of this tool is workflows. They are meant to process and track the status of engagements. Essentially they can be used for anything that requires steps to complete but for a CPA firm this might be tax returns, or bookkeeping

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Engagements are what is being processed. For instance if you do a 1040 tax return, that would be considered an engagement. Consider it to be the connection between you and your clients. Each engagement will also contain specific details and questions that can be viewed at anytime.

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This is great to keep everyone informed on what is currently assigned Each team member will have there own tasks. Each task is related to the processing of an engagement. Once the task is complete the user can easily move it to the next team member or complete all together

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We wanted this tool to be flexible so you have the ability to manage your own workflows, team members, and reports all from the admin dashboard. Only admins can view this feature so you can keep access to you only or to whoever you assign as an admin.

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The ability to run reports is another great tool for making decisions. One example would be to know the amount of a certain tax returns were processed in the year 2018. As the amount of engagements increase the more reports and information you will be able to gather and understand.

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